Don't let those Plastic breaks and scratches hold you hostage...  
get them fixed and save money verses cost of replacement.

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Before After Before After Before After    
Paint peeling on GM dash Defective paint on GM dash fixed Trip to home improvement store ruins dash Dash scrapes become a distant memory Deodorizer spills on dash and damages paint Deodorizer spill on dash eradicated    
Before After Before After Before After    
Door Panel Scratches Door Panel Scratches refurbished Moving Damage plastic scrapes Moving Damage plastic scrapes repaired Plastic console problem Plastic console problem fabricated    
Before Before After After Before After    
Bad console paint Factory Defect Bad console paint re-done Factory Defectvie paint fixed Plastic Color Bleached Plastic Color Bleached painted    
Before After            
Dodge Ram door panel gouged Dodge Ram door panel gouge re-grained