Dealers and Wholesalers

   I don't aim to replace the gravy chasing companies already doing your work. Just give your toughest problems. 
Most of the work I do is for the auto insurance companies, making glass scratches on upholstery disappear.
I am a stickler for minute details. Click on the pics below and see if your tech can handle these problems.


Liquid Bleach vs. The Carpet

Conv. Top Vinyl Tear

Gravy Getter Dyes Seat

Can your tech fix a liquid bleach stain on carpet?

Can your tech fix a large tear in a vinyl convertible top?

Beware of quick fixes that get run through the auto auction.

Cloth Headliner Modification

Teenager Interior Modifications

Rotten Driver Seat

Cloth headliner hole repaired

Teenager interior modifications reversed.

Kick that can down the road.


Conv. Top Vinyl Tear

This vinyl repair will repel water.