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These pics represent actual jobs I've done right here in DFW. I differentiate myself from my my competitors by keeping track of which materials are repairable or not. This might save you some time because some of the rookies in this economy don't mind the concept of you paying them for a repair that fails and paying for a new part later, and more rent car days. Text a picture of your problem to me and I'll work to save you time and money. Look at my Limitatations page and you might get an idea what upholstery repair can or can't do for you. 















Leather Ink Stain damage at a busy body shop or service dept.

Leather Ink Stain repair could raise your csi score!

Dodge Ram door panel with a gouge in the plastic

Dodge Ram door panel repair duplicates the grain. Can your tech do this?

Infinity door panel with vinyl gouges

Your Infinity door panel vinyl repairs can look like this

   Before      After       Before      After       Before      After                 

Infinity G35 vinyl door panel glass scratches

The vinyl grain duplication on this Infinity G35 door panel came out  99.5%

Honda Accord dash vinyl with damage around radio

Honda Accord dash vinyl theft damage fixed

Pontiac Gran Prix door panel vinyl with briefcase damage

06 Pontiac Gran Prix door panel vinyl mended

   Before      After       Before      After                             

Toyota Camry dash vinyl cut

Toyota Camry dash vinyl cut solved

If you work in a body shop, you've seen these Cloth  Burns before

Cloth Headliner Burns fixed and car delivered without affecting your promised delivery