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The cost of interior parts has gone thru the roof and fixing the existing parts makes sense. I started repairing upholstery in DFW in 1979.  I know what works and what doesn't work. If you check out my website, you'll find good advice as to when repair and maintenance will work to your advantage. Click the pics below to check out the before and after pictures.

Proflex ALC has the longest shelf life of most natural leather conditioners!

  If You Want To See Good Leather Repair, You Have To See These Pics. Leather Repair Saves Money

Whether You Are Selling Your Car Or Coming To The End Of Your Lease, Vinyl Repair Can Make Or Save You Big $$

Plastic Repair Has Come A Long Way In Recent Years. Insurance Companies Pay Big Money To Fix Plastic Damage While Retaining The Grain Surface Auto interior repair can be an easy way to keep your CSI ratings up.  
    Cloth repair gives you more options when a fabric is unavailable or outrageously expensive. Click The Surrounding Links To See Before & After Pictures, And Good Advice  
    Carpet repair can help make your vehicle easier to sell, while saving money!

Don't Just Clean Your Car Upolstery, Sanitize It With 200 Plus Degree Steam

A Good Cigarette Burn Repair Can Go A Long Way To Preserving Family Peace And Tranquility. Saving Relationships One Job At A Time  

Upholstery repair gives you more options. If you have a problem, and are considering replacement , it could pay to explore what I do for my customers. If you would like to understand when a repair is not your best option, please take a look at my Limitations page. I spend a lot of time trying to get out of certain jobs and it might be a timesaver for you to see what type of jobs I try to avoid. If you want to learn about specific issues related to upholstery repair check out my blog.



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When leather dye is 5 years old or so it has to be removed in hi-stress areas. If you don't do this your new dye will stretch apart and crack 
in the same spots. ProFlex ALC cleans blue jean dye transfer stains on light colored leathers without hurting your leather. Sometimes when 
a customer wants their leather dyed, what they really need is a deep cleaning. The kind you can't get from the strongest soap or solvent, 
without drying out or damaging your leather. Click here to see why you don't want lacquer base paint on your leather upholstery.
I  like to oil the leather before any repair because the leather needs this and you can't get the oils to the leather fibers after the repair is done. 
 You can't do this with with a mineral oil  or silicone product.
If you're looking for to refurbish your upholstery, you need to look at the service I can provide for you.